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  • How Long Does My Temporary Disability Last

    Workers Compensation and Tempory Disabilty The lengeth of time that you are eligible to collect temporary disability once injured at work depends…

    by admin
  • Injury Settlement Funds in Bankruptcy

    Injury Settlement Funds in Bankruptcy

    Injury Settlement Funds in Bankruptcy are yours to keep if you file a chapter 7.  Sometimes a work injury and…

    by admin
  • Can’t I just sue my employer?

    The short answer is no, under ordinary circumstances, worker’s compensation is the only recourse for an employee injured at work.…

    by admin
  • Oklahoma Vocational Rehabilitation

    An employee whose occupational injury precludes them from returning to work in same capacity, is entitles to receive vocational rehabilitation.…

    by admin
  • Temporary disability benefits

    Temporary total disability and temporary partial disability benefits are paid weekly to an injured employee on a temporary basis while…

    by admin
  • Permanent Total Disability

    Injured Oklahoma employees are entitled to permanent total disability benefits if they are unable to return to work in any…

    by admin
  • Permanent Partial Disability

    Permanent partial disability benefits are paid to injured employees who, after medical treatment, have resulting permanent occupational injuries. Permanent partial…

    by admin
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