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  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Tulsa

    As a rider of motorcycles its no news how much more dangerous a motorcycle wreck is when compared to an auto accident.  Many…

    by admin
  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Oklahoma Work Injury Attorney:

    Oklahoma Workers Compensation Attorney Fees: How much do we charge to start a Workers Compensation case is a question that…

    by admin
  • Denied Workers Compensation Claims

    My Work Injury Claim Was Denied, What Do I Do Now? For an injury to be within the jurisdiction of…

    by admin
  • Work Injury Lawyers: Do I need a Workers Comp Lawyer To represent me

    Can I represent myself in my workers compensation Case? Yes, you can represent yourself in your Oklahoma workers compensation case…

    by admin
  • How Long Does My Temporary Disability Last

    Workers Compensation and Tempory Disabilty The lengeth of time that you are eligible to collect temporary disability once injured at work depends…

    by admin
  • Injury Settlement Funds in Bankruptcy

    Injury Settlement Funds in Bankruptcy

    Injury Settlement Funds in Bankruptcy are yours to keep if you file a chapter 7.  Sometimes a work injury and…

    by admin
  • Can’t I just sue my employer?

    The short answer is no, under ordinary circumstances, worker’s compensation is the only recourse for an employee injured at work.…

    by admin
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