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  • Injury Settlement Funds and Bankruptcy

    Can I Keep the Money I was Awarded in an Injury Settlement: This deals with a question I have been…

  • Can’t I just sue my employer?

    The short answer is no, under ordinary circumstances, worker’s compensation is the only recourse for an employee injured at work.…

  • Oklahoma Vocational Rehabilitation

    An employee whose occupational injury precludes them from returning to work in same capacity, is entitles to receive vocational rehabilitation.…

  • Temporary disability benefits

    Temporary total disability and temporary partial disability benefits are paid weekly to an injured employee on a temporary basis while…

  • Permanent Total Disability

    Injured Oklahoma employees are entitled to permanent total disability benefits if they are unable to return to work in any…

  • Permanent Partial Disability

    Permanent partial disability benefits are paid to injured employees who, after medical treatment, have resulting permanent occupational injuries. Permanent partial…

  • Why do we have worker’s compensation?

    The theory behind workers’ compensation is that employers who enjoy the economic benefits of the business they own should ultimately be responsible for…

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