Workers Comp Medical Treatment

Worker’s Compensation petitioners are eligible for medical treatment in Oklahoma. Oklahoma statute provides for medical attention to be provided to the petitioner, and for the medical treatment to be paid for by a state insurance fund. Your employer has paid into this insurance fund annually, ensuring your ability to draw from the fund. In the event that your employer has not paid into the fund, you will have difficulty receiving benefits from the fund.

Your employer is required to provide medical treatment, be that medical attention or crutches, after an injury. The medical professional who provides service is required to supply you and your employer with a full examining report of injuries found at the time of examination and proposed treatment,within seven days of the examination. At the end of treatment, the treating physician shall supply a full report of the treatment to you and your employer. This report is the basis of any compensation that you recieve from worker’s compensation. The treating physician has special duties beyond a duty to report. Those duties include notification when you have reached the maximum improvement from the injury, and then you have been released from medical care.  If you do not believe that you are ready to return to work, you can petition the court to review your status.

Employers carry worker’s compensation insurance and they are allowed to choose their own worker’s compensation insurance. Employers are also allowed to choose the medical professional who will treat you in the event of an accident. These medical professionals will be from a list that are covered under the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. If your employer is involved in conduct that would violate worker’s compensation law, there is cause for litigation. You may apply for a new treating physician through dispute resolution.

Whoever your treating physician may be, they are allowed to submit charges and duration of treatment to the Administrator of the Court for review in accordance.