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Tulsa Car Wreck, What Should I Do:

Tulsa Car Wreck, What Should I Do:
August 2, 2011 admin

I Was involved In a Car Accident, What Should I Do:

1. The first thing to do If you were in a car wreck is not always so obvious as it may seem.  If you were in a wreck the first thing is to seek medical care for any injuries that you have.  If this involves a trip to the Emergency Room and an ambulance is at the seen then you will be transported, if not then go to the hospital on your own if the injury merits doing so.

2.  Exchange all insurance information with the driver (s) of the vehicle that negligently ran in oto you.  Write down the car insurance carrier name, policy number, and name of the insured driver that caused the accident.

3. Wait for the Police to respond to the accident.  This is important so that an accurate accident report can be taken by the local Police.  This report is the first way we use as your personal injury attorney to prove that the party that injured you is in fact the negligent party.

4. Call a top Oklahoma Personal Injury lawyer at Tulsa Injury Lawyers.  Generally I will meet with you either at the hospital, your home, or at our Midtown Office location within 24 hours of the car accident. And as always we dont charge you anythiong if we dont collect. 918-742-3333

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