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Social Security Requirements

Social Security Requirements
October 27, 2013 admin

What the SSA Wants to Know When Determining your Eligibility for SSDI Benefits in Oklahoma

If you happen to be facing an illness or injury that has rendered you incapable of working, you should consider filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”).  Although many applications for SSDI are denied upon first submission to the Social Security Administration (“SSA”), the good news is that most are accepted when pursued further on appeal.  Notwithstanding, it is important to understand the full scope of your rights when applying for SSDI and how the application process works.  In essence, being educated about your rights will benefit you in many ways, especially when having to deal with the SSA during the application review process.

Accordingly, when applying for SSDI benefits, you should be prepared to answer a number of questions by the SSA, including the following:

  • Can you physically work?  Keep in mind that if your earnings exceed the amount that the SSA otherwise allows and you are still working, you will likely be denied benefits.

  • Is your disability or injury serious enough to warrant disability benefits?  The SSA will review whether your condition truly limits you from working.  In other words, in order to receive SSDI, your illness or injury must severely impair your ability to perform routine tasks such as walking, recalling instructions and standing up/sitting down.  In the event that you are facing any of these problems, you may be able to qualify for benefits.

  • Is the condition that you are dealing with listed in the SSA’s blue book?  According to the SSA’s list of qualifying impairments, or the blue book, certain conditions automatically qualify an applicant for benefits (if severe enough).  However, if your illness or injury is not specifically provided within the blue book, the SSA will determine whether it is similar in nature and severity to a currently listed condition.   If so, you may be approved to receive SSDI benefits.

  • Can you physically handle your previous job?  The SSA will examine whether you can physically manage the work that you were involved in prior to becoming ill or injured.   If you are deemed physically capable of working at your previous position, your application for SSDI will likely be rejected.

  • Can you physically manage some other type of position?  Lastly, the SSA will investigate whether you can tackle a less physically taxing type of position.  Specifically, the SSA renders this determination through examining your education level, job training, age, and other important factors.

At the Tulsa Injury Lawyers Law Office, We Provide Superior SSDI Representation

Call the Tulsa Injury Law Office today at (918) 742-3333 to schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced Oklahoma social security disability attorneys.  We will take the time necessary to review your SSDI application before submission or advise you as to the best ways in which you can appeal a denial of benefits.  We look forward to helping you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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