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Disabilty in Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Disabilty in Oklahoma Workers Compensation
January 31, 2012 admin
Oklahoma Workers Compensation Multiple Injury Trust Fund

Title 85. Workers’ Compensation in part 
   Compensation and Benefits Chapter 15
In workers compensation cases involving temporary total disability or TTD, the injured employee shall be paid seventy percent (70%) of his or her average weekly wages, but not in excess of the state’s average weekly wage, during or until the injured worker has been released back to work; During the first seven days of the initial claim of total temporary disability. This period of no payments can be mitigated if the Judge of the Workers Compensation Court finds the injured worker to be disabled for more than 21 days.  If this is the case the Court will award compensation due the employee from the first day. 156 weeks is the maximum unless the Judge of the Workers Compensation case makes a special finding of consequential injury that is an injury that results form the original injury. If the court makes such a finding of consequential injury the Judge may order an additional period up to 52 weeks.

B. When you are released or done treating from the treating doctor in your case and this release is a release for all the body parts involved in your case the TTD will end. In the event the injured worker misses three or more consecutive more doctor or other medical appointments the employer will be able to stop payments for disability. In cases where the employer stops the TTD payments the employer must notify the injured worker of his or her attorney of record  If there is no objection filed within the statutory period the TTD will stop.  In the event there is an objection filed in the case the workers compensation judge will make a determination and make orders based on a hearing.

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