Workers Comp. Disability Benefits

Temporary Partial Disability:

If you were injured at work and the major cause of the injury is work related you are entitled to disability medical treatment until the injury is resolved.  Temporary partial disability exists when the on the job injury results in the workers comp treating physician placing you on return to work status with work restrictions.  In this case your employer is directed to find you a temporary position that accommodates the work restrictions placed on you by the workers compensation doctor.  If on the other-hand your employer does not have light duty for you,  you may be entitled to TTD Temporary total disability.

Temporary Total Disability:

If you have been injured on the job and the major cause of the work injury is work related you will be entitled to temporary disability.  Temporary total disability means that you are unable to perform the work requirements set out by your employer and therefor unable to return to work until the medical condition is resolved.  The amount of the disability you receive is dependent upon you income.

Permanent Partial Disability:

Once you have completed all your medical treatment and the doctor has released you at maximum medical improvement both the insurance company doctor and our Doctor will rate you for percentage permanent partial disability.  The percentage permamnat partial disablity that you have been rated at equates to a dollar value.  Generally the rating between the insurance company doctor and the rating doctor we send you to will be greatly different.  This being the case its our stated goal to get the judge to order your rating to be as close to that of our rating doctor as possible.  This is the rating that in many cases is most important because as we already mentioned the higher the rating for disability the higher the final payment is that you receive.

Permanent Total Disability:

If once your treating doctor has released you it has been determined that you are permanently disabled as the result of your work related injury the Workers Compensation Judge will sign an order finding you permanently disabled.  If this is the case you will be entitled to additional payments and potentially be awarded vocational rehabilitation