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If you’ve been injured at work you have rights under Oklahoma workers compensation law. Oklahoma law requires employers to carryTulsa Workers Compensation Attorneys workers comp insurance. This insurance requirement applies to all employers and is intended to protect you in the event of injury.
Workers compensation insurance provides you with insurance coverage in the event of an on the job injury. If you’re injured on the job you are entitled to medical treatment. You are also entitled to certain disability payments. The payments you receive will depend on the extent of your injury.
Although you have rights under Oklahoma workers compensation law there are many requirements you must comply with. If you fail any one requirement you may put your claim at risk. Our Tulsa workers compensation attorneys help you receive all the compensation you are entitled to.

Report Your On The Job Injury:

The law requires that you report  the injury to your employer. It sounds straight forward but you’d be surprised of the litigation that results from trimly reporting. The truth is that sometimes injured workers choose to tough out the injury. The worker may decide to see if it gets better while they continue working. This is where the problems begin. For over 10 years our Oklahoma workers compensation attorneys have fought insurance companies over timely reporting.

You’re Entitled To Medical Treatment:

If injured on the job your employer must provide you with medical treatment. The treatment must be provided promptly. This medical treatmentTulsa workers compensation attorneys entitles you to whats called reasonable and necessary treatment. This treatment lasts until you’ve reached maximum improvement. The problem here is that what the insurance company believes is reasonable and necessary isn’t always whats best for you.With the work comp insurance company always trying to close your medical out you should be concerned. Don’t go it alone call our  Tulsa workers compensation attorneys today.

Workers Compensation Disability Payments:

If you’re injured on the job you may be entitled to disability payments. There are several types of workers compensation disability due to you as an injured worker. From the very beginning you may be entitled to temporary disability payments. These payments are paid to you in the event you cant go back to work while you’re treating. Once you’re done treating you may be entitled to more disability payments. This is whats called permanent total or permanent partial disability. Which disability you are entitled to depends on the injury itself. Our Tulsa workers compensation attorneys will help you get the disability payments owed to you.

Free Consultation Tulsa Workers Compensation Attorney:

Over the past several years workers comp laws have changed. As the politicians do what politicians do Oklahoma workers have suffered. With intense pressure, some Oklahoma law makers have worked to limit your right to medical treatment through workers comp insurance. Together with the insurance companies your rights continue to be attacked. If you’ve been injured talk to one of out Tulsa workers compensation attorneys. The consultation is free and you pay nothing unless we get you money.

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Workers' Compensation

Oklahoma Workers Compensation statutes provide for whats refereed to an an independent medical examiner.  This workers compensation doctor is theoretically used to provide either party to the Work Injury case a independent look at the work injury that the injured employee is suffering from. [Read More]

Automotive Accidents

Car accidents are an everyday occurrence in Tulsa. Some car accidents are very minor, such as fender benders, and some are severe, such as head-on collisions, or car accidents involving a drunk driver. Regardless of how serious a car accident may seem, there is always the potential for a driver or passenger to suffer an injury. One of the more stressful aspects of being involved in a car accident aside from the actual injury, is the involvement of insurance companies. [Read More]


Most Oklahomans have a general understanding of what a personal injury lawsuit is. Most people understand that personal injury lawsuits are filed so that innocent, injured people can recover compensation to make them “whole.” Because injuries and illnesses cannot be undone, compensation is the best way to help injured people get what they deserve. Compensation will cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for the pain and suffering injured people experience. Automobile accidents and slip and fall cases are common examples of personal injury lawsuits. [Read More]

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