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  • Workers Compensation Permanent Total Disability

    Workers Compensation Permanent Total Disability

    In 2016, an equestrian worker at an Oklahoma camp for the Girl Scouts fell from her horse.  Her injuries include…

    by admin
  • Independent Contractor or Employee

    Employment Status: Independent Contractor or Employee

    Whether you are an independent contractor or an employee is an important factor in your case. As many people know,…

    by admin
  • Partial Disability

    Partial Disability Claims

    Workers’ Compensation laws vary greatly from state to state.  They are also dependent upon the type of workers injury disability and the…

    by admin
  • Failure to Carry Workers' Compensation

    Failure to Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    In Oklahoma, almost all businesses must legally carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.  However, there are many business-owners that walk the line and do…

    by admin
  • Soft Tissue Injury

    Soft Tissue Injury and Workers Comp Claims

    Having a Soft Tissue Injury is problematic when it comes to Workers Compensation claims.  This is unfortunate because many times…

    by admin
  • Process For Filing a Workers Compensation

    Process For Filing a Workers Compensation Case

    The Process for Filing a Workers Compensation Claim follows a series of basic steps.  You may want to hire an…

    by admin
  • Knee Injuries at Work

    Knee Injuries at Work

    For Oklahoma workers, knee injuries at work are almost as common as hand injuries.  When a person suffers knee injuries…

    by admin
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