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Permanent Partial Disability

  • Partial Disability

    Partial Disability Claims

    Workers’ Compensation laws vary greatly from state to state.  They are also dependent upon the type of workers injury disability and the…

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  • Calculating Workers Compensation Payments

    Calculating Workers Compensation Payments

    Calculating Workers Compensation Payments depends on both the type of injury you have and your hourly wage. In Oklahoma, the…

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  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Tulsa

    As a rider of motorcycles its no news how much more dangerous a motorcycle wreck is when compared to an auto accident.  Many…

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  • Denied Workers Compensation Claims

    My Work Injury Claim Was Denied, What Do I Do Now? For an injury to be within the jurisdiction of…

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  • Work Injury Lawyers: Do I need a Workers Comp Lawyer To represent me

    Can I represent myself in my workers compensation Case? Yes, you can represent yourself in your Oklahoma workers compensation case…

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  • Permanent Partial Disability

    Permanent partial disability benefits are paid to injured employees who, after medical treatment, have resulting permanent occupational injuries. Permanent partial…

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