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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Tulsa

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Tulsa
August 2, 2011 admin

As a rider of motorcycles its no news how much more dangerous a motorcycle wreck is when compared to an auto accident.  Many collisions that involve motorcycles are far more serious then those that involve cars.  Many of the Oklahoma motorcycle injury cases we handle involve head injury, back injuries and sometimes wrongful death.  In addition to the difference in weight comparing a car and a motorcycle the fact that a motorcycle rider in Oklahoma often times rides without a helmet increases the likelihood of head injuries do to the motorcycle wreck.

Some Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents:

1. If you or the driver of another motorcycle or car was speeding.

2. If the driver of the car that hit you was drunk.

3. If the driver of the car that negligently hit you failed to yield.

4. If the car that hit you ran a stop sign.

Types Of Injuries Do to Motorcycle accidents.

1. Back Injuries

2.  Head and neck injuries.

3.  Broken bones

4.  Abrasions and other disfigurement.

5. Wrongful Death.

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