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Multiple Injury Trust Fund

Multiple Injury Trust Fund
May 3, 2012 admin
Process For Filing a Workers Compensation

Multiple injury trust fundMultiple Work Injuries and Total Disability:

The Oklahoma workers compensation Multiple Injury Trust Fund is a provision of the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Statutes that is supposed to assist those employees who have suffered numerous work injuries and on the whole the work injuries have rendered the Oklahoma worker to be totally and permanently disabled.  The fund has undergone countless revisions since 2005 and is increasingly under pressure from insurance company’s and their attorneys to limit is funding and those who will qualify for benefits under the trust fund. The rate of compensation from the Oklahoma workers compensation Multiple Injury Trust Fund is commensurate with the last permanent partial disability rate the injured Oklahoma Worker was paid during the latest compensible injury that was paid by the employer.

Multiple Injury Trust Fund Requirements:

The following provisions are taken from the Oklahoma Workers Comp Statutes Title 85 Chapter 19 and limit and define how and when an injured employee can collect compensation from the fund.

. PTD compensation from the Oklahoma workers compensation Multiple Injury Trust Fund shall be payable in periodic installments for a period of fifteen years or until the employee reaches sixty-five (65) years of age, whichever period is longer.

C. Permanent total disability awards begin to accrue from the date the Workers Compensation Court adjudicates the injured Oklahoma Worker to be permanently and totally disabled.

D. Compensation for multiple injuries under the Multiple Injury Trust Fund will end upon death of the Claiment.

E. Only the last claimed injury gives the injured employee in Oklahoma a claim against the Injury Trust Fund.

F. The Multiple Injury Trust Fund shall have authority to compromise a claim for less than the indicated amount of permanent total disability. An order entered after the effective date of this act may be paid in periodic installments beginning on the date of the award, or may be commuted to a lump-sum payment or payments, by agreement of the claimant and the Multiple Injury Trust Fund.

G. Attorney fees paid out of the workers injury settlement award from the Multiple Injury Trust Fund are 20% of the gross award. The payments to the Work Comp attorney are paid out of the fund in periodic installment the Work Injury Lawyer receiving every fifth check.

H. If the injured Oklahoma worker who is receiving benefits from the Multiple Injury Trust Fund dies as the result of their work related injury prior to the award being fully paid, subsequent remaining payments that would have gone to the decease worker will go to his or her surviving spouse and will continue for five years or until the surviving spouse remarries.

Multiple Injury Trust Fund Attorneys in Tulsa:

If you’ve suffered from multiple work injury accidents you may be entitled to permanent disability. The requirement for making claims to the multiple injury trust fund are complicated. This kind of claim requires the help of an experienced work injury attorney. Don’t go it alone we can help with your work injury. Call today and get some free information.

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