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  • Knee Injuries at Work

    Knee Injuries at Work

    For Oklahoma workers, knee injuries at work are almost as common as hand injuries.  When a person suffers knee injuries…

    by admin
  • Process For Filing a Workers Compensation

    Multiple Injury Trust Fund

    Multiple Work Injuries and Total Disability: The Oklahoma workers compensation Multiple Injury Trust Fund is a provision of the Oklahoma Workers…

    by admin
  • Independent Medical Examination

    Oklahoma Workers Compensation statutes provide for whats refereed to an an independent medical examination.  This workers compensation doctor is theoretically…

    by admin
  • Changing Your Doctor

    Changing Your Doctor and The Form A: Where your employee is not covered by a certified workplace medical plan or…

    by admin
  • Temporary Total Disability

    Temporary Total Disability

    To be eligible for temporary total disability benefits in Oklahoma you must be unable to work for more than seven…

    by admin
  • Workers Compensation Courts and Judges in Oklahoma

    Adresses for Oklahoma Workers Compensation Courts. Oklahoma City Court 1915 North Stiles Ave. Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73105 Phone 405 522-8600…

    by admin
  • Terminating Work Injury Disability Payments

    Terminating Work Injury Disability Payments

    Terminating Work Injury Disability Payments requires that your employer and his workers compensation insurance company meet certain requirements. When you’ve…

    by admin
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