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Temporary Total and Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TTD/TPD)

Temporary total disability is paid weekly to an injured employee on a temporary basis while the employee is healing.   Temporary disability benefits are paid at a rate of 70% of the injured worker’s earnings for the year prior to his or her injury, up to a maximum amount, currently $716.  Temporary total disability benefits are conditioned on the advice of the treating physician. In order to receive temporary benefits, the treating physician needs to report that either the employee is completely unable to return to work at the job being performed when injured; or is to return to work  under certain restrictions, and the employer is unwilling to support the restrictions.  Temporary partial disability benefits are generally paid when the employer does offer the employee the opportunity to return to work, but the offer is conditioned with a reduced pay rate or reduced hours.  Temporary partial disability benefits are paid at a rate of 70% of the difference between what the employee was earning when injured and the employee’s current earnings. Temporary benefits generally end when the employee is released from treatment by the Treating Doctor.

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