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Car Accident Lawyers

Our Tulsa Car accident lawyers can help you. If you live in Oklahoma then you know just how many vehicular accidents we suffer throughoutCar Accident Lawyers the State. From our poorly maintained roads and bridges to driver error our State leads the nation in dangerous accident injuries. If you’ve been involved in a Truck or auto accidents there are a number of measures that you should take in order to help further your case. By following a few simple rules you will ensure that the insurance company pays you what they owe you including medical treatment and pain and suffering.

Check For Personal Injury

This may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how often people don’t realize they’ve been hurt. Whether its the trauma of the accident or the sudden rush of sirens and emergency vehicles party to an auto accident can be so excited that they feel little or no pain. Stop and assess both yourself, any passengers that you have with you and if possible the other driver. If you are in fact hurt, while avoiding any on coming traffic, stay still and wait for the first re-ponders to arrive at the scene. At this point make as few statements as possible unless those statements involve the type injury that you are suffering. If an ambulance is dispatched to the scene and wants to transport you to the hospital you should go.

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Wait For The Police to Arrive

Dont leave the scene of the accident. The accident site itself is where all the evidence is. Car accident lawyers will tell you that In any personal injury case establishing whose at fault is central to the case. Many times people think that fault is so abusive that it speaks for itself. In other cases one partymotorcycle to the accident makes statement admitting negligence and you feel thats enough. The truth is that once you leave the story changes. Often times the insurance company gets involved and because there isn’t a Police report and traffic tickets assigning liability they deny liability. The thing about the police report and traffic tickets is that this is where the evidence is. Its still possible to prove the other party was at fault but at the end of the day, much harder.

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Although its true that you can legally handle your own case its never a good idea. The insurance company isn’t in the business of paying oput claims. It may seem that they are but they’re not. Rather, just like any other business they’re in the business of maximizing profits for their share holders. In an effort to maximize profits you may find the insurance company less inclined to pay for all the reasonable and necessary medical treatment that you need. You may also find them less inclined to pay you lost wages and even the pain and suffering that owed to you. On the other hand a car accident attorney is in the business of maximizing what you get. This is because car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. This arrangement means that the more you get paid the more the car accident lawyers gets paid. It just makes sense.

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