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At Work Elbow Injuries

At Work Elbow Injuries
June 15, 2018 admin
At Work Elbow Injuries

At Work Elbow Injuries can be debilitating.  If you suffer an elbow injury, you can expect to be off work for an average of six months.  This can take a toll on your finances in a major way.  Further, the costs for medical treatment and full rehabilitation are often over $7,000 on the low end.  As you can see, having an elbow injury can significantly affect your livelihood.  Thus, it is important you file your workers’ compensation claims to secure your medical costs and financial settlement.

Basic Elbow Anatomy

The elbow is a basic hinge joint.  This means that tendons and ligaments connect the humerus bone in the upper arm to the ulna and radius bones of the forearm.  It allows for a flex and extend movement.  This movement is so natural that many of us do not even realize how much we use our elbows during the day.  You can injury and of the muscles and collateral ligaments connecting the bones, or receive fractures on the bones themselves if you fall or strain your elbow at work.

At Work Elbow Injuries

Consequently, the repetitive work movement can trigger musculoskeletal disorders.  Sometimes, this is called “tennis elbow”.  It makes the elbow muscles and tendons inflame.  Once inflammation takes hold, any movement of the elbow joint can be painful.  If the pain does not abate after a day or two, you should seek medical evaluation.

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Elbow Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Oklahoma’s workers compensation laws have changed in the last few years.  But, you are still able to make claims.  This means that if you suffer elbow injuries on the job, you may still ask for compensation from your employer.  Make sure to report the claim to your employer as soon as you notice the injury.   There is a year statute of limitations on workers’ compensation injury claims.  This means that you must report the injury in this time or it is void.  Further, you should make any written reports necessary and make copies of them for your records.

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