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Bad Faith Delays in Workers Compensation Payments

Bad Faith Delays in Workers Compensation Payments
January 3, 2018 admin
Calculating Workers Compensation Payments

Bad Faith Delays in Workers Compensation Payments and medical treatment are common in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, in the realm of personal injury and work related injuries, some insurance companies practice bad faith delays in paying compensation and medical care expenses.  This in turn makes policy holders suffer while they wait on the insurance company to fulfill their policy obligations.  Legally, “bad faith” is the willful refusal or disregard to fulfill a contractual duty because of possible benefits to the insurance company.  These motives may be an attempt to lower compensation payments, or even avoid the costs altogether.  This would mean that the policy holder would be out of luck and, further subject to paying for expenses out of pocket.

Bad Faith Delays in Workers Compensation and Insurance Providers

  1. A Final Order of the Workers’ Comp Court provides the worker with benefits;
  2. The benefits have not been provided as ordered; and
  3. The insurance company can show no good cause to delay or willfully not pay the benefits.

If a worker can prove these elements, then they will have a case of bad faith delay against the insurer.  Thus, any insurance company engaging in such bad faith delays in workers compensation may be responsible for further compensation to the injured worker.  This is due to the undue hardship a bad faith delay places on the compensable worker.

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Workers compensation laws entitle you to medical treatment and in many cases temporary disability. The law doesn’t have to be so difficult but in many cases the insurance companies will cause delay. If you are experiencing bad faith delays in receiving your workers’ compensation benefits, call our offices.  We know this happens.  However, we also have the experience to help you successfully fight the battle and get the settlement you deserve.  Our attorneys represent hundreds of clients in workers’ compensation matters.  Your first consultation is free.  Call us today. 918.742.3333

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