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Burn Injuries in the Workplace

Burn Injuries in the Workplace
April 19, 2018 admin
Partial Disability

Burn injuries in the workplace are much more common than people may realize.  For example, restaurants or offices with kitchens, machine shops, jobs requiring travel, and more all have the potential of burn injury victims.  According to a the Washington State Dept. of Labor and Statistics, over 50% of workers suffering burn injuries do not return to work within 2 years of the accident.  Even more, close to 30% may never return due to the severity of the burns and they also suffer permanent disfigurement.  On the job injuries like this can be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.  This article will explain how.

Burn Injuries and Oklahoma Workers’ Comp

Burn injuries can be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.  Receiving your benefits often becomes vital during the healing process since theseWC questions injuries can often take many months to heal.  However, to receive benefits you must:

–              Be an employee;

–              Receive burn injuries and/or other injuries

–              While performing your regular work duties, or those ordered to perform by a supervisor and

–              You must lose wages and face other impairments (i.e. loss of physical abilities)

As a result, you can file a report and claim workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer burn injuries and scarring while meeting all of these elements.  The benefits include 100% of medical expenses paid by the employer and other wage benefits, plus total or partial disability payments.  However, if you are at work and performing an activity outside of your normal course of employment that your supervisor has not directed you to do, then you will likely not be eligible.  This is why hiring an attorney is a very beneficial step in securing payment of your medical expenses and wage reimbursement.

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 Tulsa Work Place Burn Injury Attorneys

We know that sometimes a company and insurer will fight to dismiss liability on workplace injuries.  If you are suffering burn injuries you need to focus on healing and compensation for the injury and the disfigurement and scarring.  Let our work injury attorneys do the work.  We can make sure you get the compensation you deserve.  Call us today for a free consultation. 918.742.3333

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