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Changing Your Doctor

Changing Your Doctor
April 18, 2012 admin

Changing Your Doctor and The Form A:

Where your employee is not covered by a certified workplace medical plan or CWMP, the employer is entitled to select your original treating Doctor.Changing Your Doctor This Doctor is a certified workers compensation doctor and is employed by comp-source Oklahoma. Which Doctor the insurance company picks will depend on which body part is injured. The injured worker continues to treat with this doctor until the doctor releases you at maximum medical improvement. This means that the original treating doctor has done everything that there is to do and you’ll no longer benefit from additional care. This may have included a surgery or perhaps physical therapy.

Changing Your Doctor is Your Legal Right:

Now that you’ve reached MMI you have some choices. As the injured worker you can either have your attorney get you rated for disability and close the case or you can get a second opinion. The second opinion is your form a doctor or changing your doctor. Oklahoma statue allows you to change your doctor one time in a work injury case. Changing your doctor is your right and is always advisable. You can use the statute for changing your doctor in those cases when you believe the original doctor was incorrect to release you before giving you additional treatment. In some cases changing your doctor is advisable to simply get a second opinion. In any event changing your doctor involves using your form a. Unlike the original treating doctor your form a doctor is chosen by both your attorney and the insurance company attorney. This gives us a chance to pick a doctor for you that may be more favorable to your type of case.

Attorneys Helping You With Changing Your Doctor:

Oklahoma workers compensation doesn’t have to be so hard. Unfortunately the insurance company in your case makes getting the care you need harder than it has to be. Changing your doctor in a work injury case is your right. Let our Injury attorneys make the case easier on you. We’ve got several years experience helping thousands if injured workers get what they deserve.

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