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Death Benefits in Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Death Benefits in Oklahoma Workers Compensation
March 22, 2018 admin
Death Benefits in Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Death Benefits in Oklahoma Workers Compensation protect workers are killed in the line of work. While the majority of our worker’s compensation clients have an injury, there are some cases in which on the job injury results in death.  Oklahoma Worker’s comp insurance will provide for families that lose a loved one to an on the job accident.  In fact, nearly 14 work injury deaths occur each day in America’s workplaces.  For example, during 2007 a Tulsa man died in an accident at work when he became entangled in clothes on a moving conveyor belt.  The man was pulled into the dryer which was at 300ºF.  When fatal accidents happen to a sole provider of minor children, or a spouse Death Benefits in Oklahoma Workers Compensation help them ease some of the financial pain.

WorkPlace Death of a Sole Provider

In cases where the sole provider for minor children suffers an on the job death, Title 85A §47(C)(3) steps in.  This statute provides that minor children will receive a lump sum of $25,000 each.  It also guarantees that each child receives half of either the average Oklahoma daily wage, or half of their parent’s daily wage, depending on the lesser amount.  The children will receive this wage until they are adults.  Death Benefits in Oklahoma Workers CompensationFinally, the employer must pay up to $10,000 for funeral expenses. It is important to note that the parent that dies in the accident is the only provider for the children.  If another parent is still living, then this law may not apply.

Filing a Work Injury Death Claim

It is crucial that the guardian of the minor children file a claim for death benefits as soon as possible.  This is because there are time limits to be able to file and collect them.  Oklahoma’s time limit is two years.  If you wait too long then the window to receive these benefits on behalf of the children will lapse.


Tulsa Workers Compensation Attorneys

Death Benefits in Oklahoma Workers Compensation are paid to the family when a workers dies due to an on the job injury. Our worker’s compensation attorneys understand that a time like this involves a lot of grief.  Let our work injury attorneys apply and fight for your legal rights while you work out the emotional stress.  We can streamline the process.  Your first consultation with our firm is free. Call 918.742.3333

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