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Process For Filing a Workers Compensation Case

Process For Filing a Workers Compensation Case
August 28, 2018 admin
Process For Filing a Workers Compensation

The Process for Filing a Workers Compensation Claim follows a series of basic steps.  You may want to hire an attorney for the process in order to make sure it goes smoothly.  There are several loopholes and intricacies that matter in your filing.  So missing any one of these details may cost you big.  This article will explain more about the process and the advantages of having an attorney.

Process For Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

If you receive a workplace injury you must first notify your employer.  This should initiate a claim by the employer notifying the Workers’ Compensation insurance provider.  Once the employer files your claim, you will visit a doctor that the employer’s insurance chooses for you.  The doctor will diagnose your injury and recommend a course of treatment.  Once you complete the treatment a doctor will label the employee as having reached “maximum medical improvement” and release you to work without restriction.

Requirements and Loophole in Claim Filing

As indicated before, there are many intricacies in the Process For Filing a Workers Compensation filing a workers’ compensation claim.  For instance, under 85A O.S. § 33, you must give notice andProcess For Filing a Workers Compensation file your claim within 2 years of the injury.  The law will bar any claim if it does not file within this 2 year period.  Further, if you accept a settlement before all your medical expenses are complete, then the employer is no longer liable for any medical treatment costs.  Finally, an employer and their insurance will often pay expenses and not file the claim with the Workers Comp Commission.  This means the employer will not be required to provide you with the mandatory settlement after all treatment is complete.

Advantages of Having a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Don’t let anyone stonewall your claim.  If you hire an attorney, all the necessary paperwork files through your attorney’s office.  This means that you do not have to wait on the company to initiate your claim.  Further, the insurance company may deny your workman’s comp claim.  If this happens, an attorney will fight for your right to receive medical treatment and costs at the expense of your employer’s insurance.  Finally, an attorney can advise you against making decisions that could cost you.  For example, no attorney will suggest you take a settlement in lieu of medical expenses, even though companies often try to employ such a tactic.

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