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Reporting Work Injuries

Reporting Work Injuries
April 6, 2018 admin
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Reporting Work Injuries to your employer is an important part of filing a successful Oklahoma workers compensation injury claim. Many times worker’s who face injuries on the job do not report their injuries to their employers in a timely manner, or at all.  This can cause several issues for a person who needs medical assistance and time off for an injury.  If you have questions about how to report a workers comp injury, this article will provide you with a step by step guide.

Do I Have to Report a Workers Comp Injury?

The short answer to this is yes.  If you are injured on the job and need medical care, you need to report this to your employer.  Further, the injury must be reported within 30 days of the incident.  If it is not, then you will likely face denial of your claims.  The upside is that your medical coverage under worker’s comp begins within 3 days after you report the claim to your employer.

Reporting Work Injuries in Oklahoma

When you suffer an on-the-job injury, you should report your claim as soon as possible.  This includes any illness your suffer relating to work.  YouReporting Work Injuries will report first to your immediate supervisor and also to the designated representative if your employer has one.  This person will take an injury or incident report.  It generally includes the date of the injury, the description of the injury, and when the employee notices the injury, plus other relevant information.  At this point the employer has an obligation to send a claim into their workers comp insurance provider.  The employer must give the employee notice that the claim is on file and when to expect aid.


Legal Help in Filing a Work Injury

If you have an on-the-job injury and need to report a workers compensation injury to your employer, let our Tulsa injury attorneys help you.  We have years of experience working with hundreds of clients on worker’s compensation claims.  We can walk you through the process as well.  Your first consultation is free and you dont pay anything to unless you get paid.

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