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You Can File Workers Compensation For Shoulder Injuries at Work

You Can File Workers Compensation For Shoulder Injuries at Work
December 11, 2017 admin
Calculating Workers Compensation Payments

Shoulder Injuries at Work are covered when you file for workers compensation. Many Oklahoma workers are in a job that has at least some physical duties.  This can result in many different types of injuries.  This could be wrist, knee, or even shoulder injuries.  Should injuries are actually a rather typical injury.  Some doctors see close to 300 patients a year over shoulders.  According to the medical field, shoulders are extremely susceptible to injury.  Repetitive use at work and other accidents make shoulder injuries a common workplace problem.

Shoulder Injuries at Work – The Anatomy

The shoulder is a very unique joint.  It has four muscles that connect the joint to the shoulder blade.  This means the shoulder is held in place by a movable platform.  The shoulder also holds a piece of cartilage commonly called the rotator cuff.  This allows for a wide area of movement and the circular motion of the shoulder.  Both the small muscles holding the joint in place and the rotator cuff are areas that face shoulder injuries.

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Effects of Shoulder Injuries at Work

The rotator cuff is likely the most area facing most shoulder injuries.  It is susceptible to tearing.  These torn pieces may catch on other areas of the joint and either tear more or simply cause excessive pain.  However, tendonitis and osteoarthritis are possible effects of constant shoulder movement too.

If you are facing shoulder injuries, daily activities may pose a problem.  For instance, sleeping comfortably at night or even brushing your hair or teeth may be problematic.  Further, picking up and holding your children or grandchildren could be painful.  Medical treatment may include steroids for inflammation problems, physical therapy, and in serious cases surgery.

Tulsa Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Oklahoma’s Workers’ Comp laws are in Title 85A of the statutes.  In order to get a workers’ comp claim on your shoulder injuries started you must notify your employer of the injury.  However, it is recommended that you also hire an attorney to ensure the process is running smoothly and in your best interests.  Call us today for a free consultation.  Our years of experience helping clients get the settlements they deserve will help you in this process. Call 918.742.3333

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