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How Long Does My Temporary Disability Last

How Long Does My Temporary Disability Last
June 23, 2011 admin

Workers Compensation and Tempory Disabilty

The lengeth of time that you are eligible to collect temporary disability once injured at work depends on several factors ranging from when you were injured to the type of work injury you suffer from.  If the injury is said to be in the nature of soft tissue,  the length of your TTD payments is limited to eight weeks.  If on the other hand the work injury is in the nature of broken bones, bulging disks, or other non soft tissue injuries the eligibility period is greatly expanded.

Once the injury is determined to be either soft tissue or not the period of TTD continues until the day your treating doctor determines that you have reached maximum medical improvement.  This means that regardless of what pain you may still be feeling or what medical treatment the insurance company and their workers compensation lawyers has approved for you,  if the doctor feels that he has done all that he or she can do for you within the limitations placed on him by the insurance company he will release you.  Once released MMI your TTD payments will be stopped.  Fortunately, their is a tool available to Oklahoma work comp claimant attorneys and that is the filing of a form A.  The form A allows your workers comp attorney to change your doc and get a second opinion. We are only given one form A so we use it very sparingly.  By filing this form not only will you get a second opinion but the TTD checks will continue until after the form a Doctor recommends additional treatment or also releases you MMI

If you need information about work injury laws in Oklahoma simply call or email our injury lawyers and we will discuss your rights under the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Laws.

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