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Oklahoma Work Injury Basics

Work Injury Basics Oklahoma

If you’ve been injured at work and there are certain work injury basics in OklahomaWorker’s Compensation- what’s the deal? Worker’s Compensation is designed to provide employees with Medical care and compensation from a work related injury regardless of fault.

Some quick facts about Worker’s Comp in Ok:

  • In 2009, Oklahoma saw over 15,000 claimant filings.  That’s roughly 1.06 filings per one hundred employees.
  • Back injuries constitute the majority of filings.
  • Most claimants, 31 percent, are between the ages of 45 and 54.

Things to know about the lingo.  Worker’s Compensation uses some words and acronyms that might be less than intuitive.  Here’s a primer:

  • T.T.D. stands for Temporary Total Disability.  This means that the employee currently cannot perform their job, but are expected to recover.
  • P.P.D. stands for Partial Permanent Disability.  This means that the employee cannot ever perform at full capacity.
  • P.T.D. stands for Permanent Total Disability.  This means that the employee is injured and will not recover.
  • Death benefits are payable to widows and children in some cases.

Consider this the bare bones starter course.  For more information… keep reading our blog

Medical care for injured Oklahoma workers under Workers Compensation Law

An Oklahoma employer shall promptly provide an injured employee who was injured on the job all medical treatment as may be necessary after the work injury.   If the employer fails or neglects to provide the injured worker with treatment within 3 days after the employer has actual knowledge of the work injury the injured employee during this period of neglect may select a physician to provide medical treatment at the cost of the employer.   Otherwise, all treatment that is provided to the injured worker by the employer is handled by approved State of Oklahoma Workers Compensation treating physicians.

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