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Denied Workers Compensation Claims

Denied Workers Compensation Claims
July 14, 2011 admin

My Work Injury Claim Was Denied, What Do I Do Now?

For an injury to be within the jurisdiction of the Workers Compensation Court the injury must have resulted from the work you are performing.  The law draws many distinctions as to what that really means and the test that must be met is that the work is the major cause of the injury you are suffering from.  I find that many denied claims are claiming that the injury wasn’t the result of the work, or the injured person had a pre-existing condition or that the injury was not reported in a timely fashion.

What we as Work Injury Attorneys have to prove is that the disputed injury was in fact caused by the work you were doing.  We do this by a series of actions.  Many times the attorney for the Insurance company will request that you answer questions at a deposition.  If the issue of causation isnt worked out at the deposition we will next file the applicable forms and set it for trial.  At trial we will introduce all the medical records that support your case and call witnesses if need-be.  The insurance company attorney will also be able to ask questions of you and also introduce witnesses or medical records that he feels support his position. If we win the trial the court will direct the insurance company to provide you with all reasonably necessary medical treatment per the workers compensation law.

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