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How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Oklahoma Work Injury Attorney:

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Oklahoma Work Injury Attorney:
July 28, 2011 admin

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Attorney Fees:

How much do we charge to start a Workers Compensation case is a question that many injured people in Oklahoma ask me.  The answer to this question is that we don’t charge anything unless we collect money for you.  Its simple, in most workmans compensation cases in Oklahoma the fee collected by the work injury lawyer comes out of the permanent partial or permanent total disability award.  This amount is set by the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Statute and is 20% of the settlement amount after all the medical costs are paid.   Another potential fee is, in the event the Work Comp insurance carrier denies TTD.  In those cases if we have to put on a trial in-order for you to get TTD payments and we win then the injury lawyer is entitled to 10% of the wrongfully withheld temporary disability payments.

The good news about what it costs to hire a work injury lawyer is that in most cases this same work comp lawyer will get more money for you then you would have gotten had you gone it alone.  If you would like an immediate free consultation with an Oklahoma Workers Compensation Lawyer call us or email us today.    918-742-3333

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