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Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examination
April 23, 2012 admin

Oklahoma Workers Compensation statutes provide for whats refereed to an an independent medical examination.  This workers compensation doctor is theoretically used to provide either party to the Work Injury case a independent look at the work injury that the injured employee is suffering from. Independent Medical Examination An independent medical examiner in a case involving permanent disability shall not be a treating physician of the employee and shall not have treated the employee with respect to the injury for which the claim is being made or the benefits are being paid.

Either Party Can Ask For an Independent Medical Examination:

Although either the Claimant the Court on its own motion or the Respondent in the work comp case is entitled to ask for an IME more times then not it is the workers comp insurance company that requests one.   Many times this will be done to take one last chance to avoid the recommendation of the workers compensation treating physician as specially when that recommendation is for surgery. To this end the IME is supposed to make an unbiased assessment of what medical treatment you need and if the injury you have is work related or not. Often times my injured clients will express their utter frustration at the lengths the insurance company will go to stop or hinder and delay the medical treatment you are entitled to under the workers compensation law.

What Do I do When I See the IME Doctor:

You should always be polite and arrive to the independent medical examination appointment on time.  If you have any x rays or MRIs take them with you.  Most importantly be hones and answer all the Doctors questions. The Doctor will be asked to give his medical opinion on what ever the insurance company attorney or your attorney set out in the original order. This opinion can include what the cause of the injury was or if you are temporarily able to return to work. In my opinion, the majority of the time, the insurance company uses the IME as a way of deflecting liability away from your employer.

Independent Medical Examination Work Injury Attorneys Who Care: 

If you’ve been injured at work and need medical help we can help. A workers compensation lawyer in Oklahoma will help you get the medical treatment and disability you deserve. An injury at work can cost your your health and your financial well being and we understand that. As always we don’t charge anything unless we get you money so there’s no upfront fees.

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