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Work Injury Lawyers: Do I need a Workers Comp Lawyer To represent me

Work Injury Lawyers: Do I need a Workers Comp Lawyer To represent me
July 12, 2011 admin

Can I represent myself in my workers compensation Case?

Yes, you can represent yourself in your Oklahoma workers compensation case but be careful.  Oklahoma Workers Comp laws are extremely complex and are adversarial in nature.  Under the law a case is an adversarial proceeding if the party on the other-side of your case, in this case the insurance company, is represented by its own attorneys.  You can be sure that the workers compensation insurance carrier in your case is represented.  If you try to represent yourself you will be negotiating all the aspects of your case directly with them.  Examples of the issues you need to be prepared to negotiate are all your medical care,  Temporary disability if applicable as well as any permanent partial money awards that are due at the conclusion of most cases.   Also, if you disagree with any of the decisions made by the insurance company lawyers you will need to be prepared to put on trials and hearings.  Some people may believe that they can save money by representing themselves and during hard economic times I can surely understand how this may seem to be the case.  Truth is that in most instances the difference in benefits and financial settlement awards that an attorney can get for you far outweigh any money that you might save.  Moreover we’re talking about your medical care and prospects for future care through pain management or future medical conditions that may arise.

Do I need an Attorney in Oklahoma for Work Comp? 

Has your Oklahoma Work Injury claim been denied?
Have you been terminated from your employment because you filed a Workers Compenmsation claim?

Has the insurance company claimed that your injuries are not as extensive as you know they are?

Have you been denied the medical treatment that you need to recover from your injury at work?

Have you been denied income benefits that you are owed?

Are your income benefits lower than you think they should be?

Are your Temporary Disabiltiy benefits being reduced for some reason that you don’t understand?

Does the insurance company claim that it overpaid you or that you actually owe them money?

Have you been phoned by a “single point of contact”?
Have you been placed at maximum medical improvement too soon?

Is your impairment rating more insult than truth?

Is your impairment rating what it should be or do you disagree with the rtating the insurance company doctor gave you?

Have you been examined by an insurance company doctor?

Is the insurance company refusing you medical or income benefits based on the opinion of a doctor that it hired?

Is your doctor refusing to treat you because of insurance company denials?

Are you treating with a doctor recommended or required by your employer?

Has the insurance company given you a list of doctors to choose from for treatment?

Has your surgery or other treatment recomended been denied?

Are you receiving bills for medical treatment because of your on the job work injury?

Have you been terminated from the job where you were injured?

Has the insurance company treated you unfairly?

Have you been off work because of your injury?

Have you been denied social security benefits?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, or if you are just not sure CALL Me an Oklahoma Work Comp attorney


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