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Workers Compensation Courts and Judges in Oklahoma

Workers Compensation Courts and Judges in Oklahoma
January 31, 2012 admin

Adresses for Oklahoma Workers Compensation Courts.

Oklahoma City Court
1915 North Stiles Ave.
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73105
Phone 405 522-8600
Tulsa Workers Comp Court
Kerr Building
440 South Houston
Tulsa, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma there are two Courts that your workers compensation case can be heard at.  The Oklahoma case  yours is at will depend on where your Oklahoma Lawyer filed the case.

On the Courts web site they publish a mission statement to help provide you with the goals of the workers comp court in Oklahoma.


Mission-Statement:The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court applies the law as set out in the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act. Its responsibility is to provide fair and timely procedures for the resolution of disputes and identification of issues involving on-the-job injuries. To this end we dedicate ourselves to carry out this responsibility and to serve the public promptly, courteously and impartially.

Workers Compensation Judges

Presiding Judge;
Michael J. Harkey
Vice Presiding Juge;
Eric W. Quant
Gene Prigmore, Judge
Cherri Farrar, Judge
John M. McCormick, Judge
Kent Eldridge, Judge
Bob Lake Grove, Judge
David Reid, Judge
William R. Foster Jr., Judge
Owen T. Evans, Judge

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